Land Run

Land Run will be an annual event bringing together public organizations and “green” associations to empower and work with social interaction to positively transform the existing urban fabric. This process will increase the production little by little, growing and consuming locally. The products will be collectively sold under “Made in Saint Louis” a brand name guaranteeing their quality. To trade them, a land mark will be created, a space that will not only be used as a market but that will invite the public in, a space that will identify Pruit Igoe with the process of urban transformation.

Our interest is not to build a defined project, but rather to introduce a low cost process that can evolve simultaneously with its needs and possibilities, socially and aesthetically reviving the area. Even if we are not living in Saint Louis, the possibility to design this project in Saint Louis, on the site of Pruitt-Igoe that had marked a critical point in American history of social housing and modernism and that is today an unsual and challenging territory in the inner city, would be a great opportunity to be a part of the passage to a “greener” future.

Created by Julien Domingue, student in architecture, ENSA – Paris Belleville, Paris; Bernardo Robles Hidalgo; student in architecture, ENSA – Paris Belleville, Paris; Camille Lemeunier; student in architecture, ENSA – Paris Belleville, Paris; Laetitia Anding-Malandin; student in applied arts, visual communication, DSAA Jacques Prévert, Paris