The concept evolved from three powerful noun; Implosion, Reclamation and Explosion.

Each one of this words provided some guiding on how to tackle this controversial project as we all know.

From the beginning of the design approach, it was clear to me that creating some kind of ruins or arti- facts, would help to all leaving individuals, who leave or witness the collapse and deterioration of this immense housing complex, healed and come to term with their own past experience.

The created fragments proposed on the project,are shallow plaque, located were the housing units existed. This shallow plaque are surrounded and wash over by running water, creating an effect and feeling of healing and purification.

The old due need of claiming this large and abandoned urban wasteland, was contemplated for a long time.

The projection of the existing urban grid all around the site, was welcome in, to allow new urban life, a necessary human ingredient to come ones more to the project.

A new axial projection was brought in, from the Gateway Arch. Exploded and chiseled into the site and Landscape, introducing a dynamic movement that never existed; creating accessibility and possibility for every one in the city St Louis, Missouri, United States.